Alare Pty Ltd is a service and supply company to the New South Wales and Queensland mining industry. Alare works closely with Coalroc to develop products and systems for underground ventilation control. The companies have access to specialist engineers who provide rating and certification for ventilation control devices. Certification and design can be provided for any required fabricated, concrete or mining plaster structure.

Unlike many of its competitors, Alare is not a contractor. The company provides consulting to large underground mining contractors, by prior arrangement. While the primary markets for Alare’s products are underground coal mines, on occasion, the company has also supplied fabricated devices and technology to east coast metal mines.

Our range of services includes all aspects of ventilation, fabrication, drawings and chemicals. Additionally, in conjunction with Coalroc, Alare continue to design, develop and innovate various products and services for the underground coal mining industry.

Presently we are developing:
  • A fully waterproofed, high strength, mining plaster
  • A concrete mix with high tensile strength through the inclusion of specific fibres
  • Steel and light weight rated recoverable stopping
Our product range includes:
  • Rated seals (20 or 50 psi)
  • Rated and unrated stoppings (10, 5 and 2psi)
  • Flexible stoppings
  • Rated overcasts
  • Rated and light weight machine doors and machine door regulators
  • Fixed regulators
  • 2 and 5 psi man access doors and regulators
  • 2 psi rated Bobcat doors
  • Coffin seals (rated and unrated)
  • Belt crossings and underpasses
  • Aerofoils
  • Prefabricated airlocks
  • Ladders, steps and ramps
We also provide bulkhead and water holding design and rating, with Coalroc liaising with clients and supplying a skilled labour and supervisory base. For more information about Alare, contact Coalroc on 49445700 or email: coalroc@coalroc.com.au