Coalroc carries an extensive range of ventilation devices including overcasts, machine doors, regulators, through to stoppings, seals and hatches and full design service ensuring current mines department compliance.


Product is supplied in a rated design steel bin designed to be transported under-ground on a LHD machine, this is a tried and proven system that lessens the loss of product due to pallet breakage. Poles, mesh, thickness gauges and doors/hatches are supplied in bundles to suit your requirements.


Are designed to suit each individual application and primarily use the Alare concrete mixture as a core material. Pipe work designs are taken into consideration at the time of design to ensure the integrity of the structure is not compromised. Roof strata control and strata water control can be performed around the bulkhead site


All devices come with engineering certification and a full set of certified construction drawings. All certifications and designs are provided by a practicing member of the Registered Professional Engineers Queensland verifying all fixtures such as doors/hatches and pipe and their locations in the structure.


All plasters and cements can be supplied with a quality assurance certificate. Further to this we can supply test criteria that can be implemented during construction that has been developed by Coalroc and an independent engineering group. A comprehensive construction guideline and reporting system is available to ensure construction requirements are followed


All our products are Alare plasters and cement mixtures that are supplied to you in either 20kg palletized bags or bulker bags. Machine doors are a four-segment design to make transport and erection quicker and at the same time lowering risk to the installer. Overcasts/Underpasses are a modular design


20 kg bag product is supplied in rated steel bins designed specifically to be transported to the seal sites utilising LHD loaders, eliminating the need for pallets and subsequent product loss in transport. All product supply comes as a complete kit from certified design; construction drawings through to a final product testing & reporting by a NATA approved testing facility.


A full range of hire equipment is available from individual items through to a specialised duckbill system that is specifically designed to carry a picolla pump, poles, mesh, drilling equipment, rated doors and grouts suitable to complete stopping construction.


Coalroc can supply a risk assessment and standard operating procedure system through to on site operator training systems and procedures to ensure compliant quality ventilation installations. A set of construction documents can be supplied customized to suit your operation requirements.


Coalroc can supply suitable supervision, labour and equipment to install and maintain all the mines ventilation requirements.


What ever your mines requirements, Coalroc can provide a service that will assist in ensuring your operation has a cost effective and compliant ventilation system.
For more information contact:
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    Glen Sutton - NSW Manager glens@coalroc.com.au